Online tools I’m still using as a freelance illustrator

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First, visual tools for illustrators


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Great for inspiration, I usually spend way more time on Pinterest than on Facebook or Instagram


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Thoughts for ideal room. I put notes with the images and arrange them in sections. With Pinterest I can’t do this.
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When I need photo references and visual inspirations, I put them in sections but still on one page, so I can see everything at a glance. With Pinterest it’ll be messier.

Time & project management tools that everyone likes


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My week plan template
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My picture book plan


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you can also track time in the checklist


File transferring tools for freelancers


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We love it also because of the clean layout and beautiful artworks in the background

Other useful tools


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My storyboard for this animation

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See how it looks with your text at a glace

online image optimizer

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Before and after, really not a big difference for web browsing
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